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波音平台网站大全  my name is beth. im 14 years old, and i study in no. 1 middle school of huian. my school is very big and beautiful. im very happy in the school.

波音平台网站大全  i usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. then i do morning eercises in the playground. at 6:40, i have my breakfast. you can see many students and teachers in the dinning room. after breakfast, i often read english with my classmates.

波音平台网站大全  we have si classes every day. the first class begins at 7:50 am. i like all the classes, because my teachers can make the classes lively and interesting. my favorite subject is english, so i join english corner every week. i can speak english with many other students there. its very interesting and eciting. i think its helpful for me to learn english well. after class, i always play games with my friends. we play basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, ping-pong and so on. they are very relaing.

波音平台网站大全  i like my lessons, my friends and my teachers. in a word, i love my school. i find my school life is more and more meaningful and colorful. my school life is wonderful, isn it?